Learning to Drive

If you are aged 17 years or older ( or 16 years and you are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance) and are in possession of a current, valid UK Driver’s Licence for category “B” then you are eligible to commence learning to drive whether it be for pleasure or business.
Apply online for your Driver Licence

Training takes place in a Peugeot 308 diesel car that is generally no more than 12 months old and fitted with dual controls. Pick up and drop off points can be arranged to be from home, work, school or college to ensure that you optimise your lesson. I will give you challenging yet stimulating driving instruction which aims to be most of all enjoyable. It will be delivered in a friendly, supportive, relaxed atmosphere and always at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Support for Theory Test is also available.

I will guide you through all aspects of learning to drive with continual feedback and an action plan where necessary in preparation for your next driving lesson.