Learning in Llanidloes

Though the local Driving Test centre is in Newtown, if you live or work in the Llanidloes area and looking for driving lessons, then Driverlogic offers you quality driving instruction in a modern, dual controlled vehicle on a 1:1 basis with no car sharing. For certain modules I will offer you the chance to buddy up with a fellow student to make the most of our time together and for you to experience carrying another passenger in a safe environment. This is only done when both parties have been consulted and agree.

To get you started you will initially commence with basic driving skills such as moving off and stopping; your driving lessons will last for one hour, once or twice a week. Then when you are ready, driving lessons will progress at YOUR pace to cover basic manoeuvres in line with the DSA syllabus. At each stage of your development, constant feedback will be documented and provided for you so that you know how well you are progressing.

As you near test standard, your driving tuition will be centred around the Newtown area where you will encounter busier roads and traffic conditions. To continue to get the most out of your driving lesson when travelling from Llanidloes, driving lessons will now need to be of two hours duration.